Bike Tours

Bike Tours Thinking about a bike tour in Uzbekistan? Well, it’s a fantastic idea! Cycling in Uzbekistan is full of exotic places, legends and oriental hospitality. You will see one beautiful place after another. The season begins in mid-April and continues through mid-November. There are routes for each time of year, and this is very important. Learn more about bike tours (ссылка) Текст для ссылки: Bike Tour An unforgettable journey awaits you in Uzbekistan. Cycling experience is full of discoveries and happy moments. It is worth starting spring with a flowering desert. In the mountains at this time it is still quite cold, especially during descents. During a Saraton or Chilla, the peak heat in the desert becomes too hot. Only experienced people are able to conquer the desert and Lake Aydarkul with 100% humidity and forty degrees of heat. For the rest, routes are laid in the mountains, where it is much cooler at this time of year. The banks of Chatkal and other mountain rivers are great places for summer cycling. And of course, your tour can be combined with a historical tour of the Great Silk Road and ancient cities. Our local guides will take you through millennia of history telling you about the country and showing the beauty of the historical places. In addition, you will ride through villages and remote corners of Uzbekistan, where you will get acquainted with the way of life of local people. With a large group, an accompanying car (minibus) is always going - with water, provisions, and tents. A cook and a competent technical guide will also be there for you. The guide will help you set up your bike, answer any questions you may have and provide assistance during the tour. Some nights are open air, in tent camps and on all routes there are certain places for camping. According to the unwritten rules of cycling in Uzbekistan, participants observe cleanliness - garbage is disposed of and taken away. The active part of a travel, as a rule, includes transfers, three meals a day on the route, providing the necessary equipment - a tent, bedroom, bicycle repair kit, and the bicycle itself. All equipment is of good quality and is selected and adjusted individually to the weight and height of a cyclist, in order to avoid improperly distributed load on muscles and joints. To conduct these bike tours, our company has purchased and can provide convenient, modern, highway - hybrid bikes of the GIANT brand, which allow participants to easily move on the mountain slopes and steppes. They are well maintained and prepared for each tour. In addition, we provide comfortable transport for technical support escort. It is important to note that preparatory work was carried out on these tours, everything was fine-tuned to small details and routes were chosen that run through the most picturesque places rich in historical and natural monuments. Everything is organized to ensure your cycle tour runs smoothly. Climate The best time to travel in Uzbekistan is either spring or autumn, when the temperature is not high and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. In spring the best time would be from mid-March to mid-May. After that begins so called “Chilla” or “Saraton” – a period of heat in Uzbekistan. From middle of August to the end of October you can enjoy cooler weather, with cool nights and warm, sunny days.