Festivals of Uzbekistan

If you want to see a unique combination of the East, you should definitely visit Uzbekistan! This is a part of the former Soviet Union in which you will feel at home, here you are favored by the absence of a language barrier, cheapness and clarity of movement, extraordinary cultural and architectural flavor, great Uzbek respect for Russia and Russians, delicious cuisine, the absence of crime, and most importantly – incredible hospitality and hospitality of local people who will not leave anyone indifferent.

Just think about it: the birthplace of Khoja Nasreddin, the sky-blue mosques of Samarkand, the bustling market of Tashkent, the ancient Khiva, the dried Aral Sea – all this is actively flavored with real Uzbek pilaf and juicy cherries with sauce of nostalgic memories from childhood and youth.

The population of Uzbekistan is more than 33 million people. The Republic includes: Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, 12 townships (regions). The state territory of Uzbekistan is 447.4 thousand. km2. Uzbekistan is a country of ancient culture and architecture. On the territory of the Republic there are over four thousand historical monuments. Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic. The representative supreme state body is the bicameral parliament – the Legislative Chamber and the Senate, which exercises legislative power. The head of state is the President, who heads the executive branch.

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