Obichashma Guest House

The proprietors of this guest house are father and son, Komil and Nosir , who warmly welcome visitors to their lovely guest house in the Nurata Mountains.

Mr. Komil, the proprietor of the guest home, will join you for dinner to get to know you better and perform a song in Uzbek or Tajik while playing the country’s national instrument, the «Tor.»
In his youth, he played in a band, was in a lot of neighborhood weddings, and is well-known in the community.

Sentob village

The oldest settlement in the Nurata region is Sentob, where old stone-built homes that have been abandoned may still be seen on the slopes.
Sheep and goat breeding generates the majority of locals’ income.

It is 280 kilometers from Samarkand, 310 kilometers from Bukhara, and 130 kilometers from Nurata.

30 kilometers to the north is artificially built Aydarkul salt lake.

The Obichashma Guest House provides a variety of activities, including horseback riding and hiking.

Услуги гостиницы:
Lunch 13.00; Dinner 19.00; Rental of horses and donkeys (paid separately); Environmental routes with local conductor (paid separately).
Завтрак: 7:00
Количество номеров: 26
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