Kyrgyzstan Food

As you look at the mountain pastures in Kyrgyzstan, you will notice lots of sheep, goats, cows, horses, and even some yaks. Since much of the country is engaged in breeding livestock, meat is a substantive part of traditional and modern Kyrgyz cuisine.

Traditional Kyrgyz Cuisine

Oromo is a traditional Kyrgyz dish made with layers of handmade dough filled with cabbage and carrots (vegetarian version) or small bits of meat and onions (meat-eater version). It is then rolled into a roulette and cooked in a special pan. Delicious with kaymak (sour cream).

Beshbarmak is the most traditional dish eaten made with mutton cooked in its own juices for hours, then poured over hand-cut noodles. This dish’s name translates as «five fingers» because it is meant to be blended and then eaten with your hands.

Ganfan is Dungan – inspired dish that is not only popular in Karakol, but throughout Kyrgyzstan. Ganfan features a similar spicy meat and vegetable sauce as laghman, but it is served over steamed rice instead of noodles.

Shorpo is a Kyrgyz version of chicken soup, this comforting dish is loaded with chunks of meat, veggies, potatoes, and fresh herbs in a rich both.

Kymyz is very authentic fermented dairy drink made from mare’s milk.

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