Asila Guest House

Welcome to the Asila Guest House in the Nurata Mountains’ Uhum Village. The largest and maybe greenest village in the Nurata Mountains. The village has two big schools and is densely populated. The coziest and most genuine guest home in Uhum village is Asila Guest House, run by a young husband and wife Ulugbeck and Asila. The guest house’s owner, Ulugbeck, gave it his wife Asila’s name. The couple has three adorable children who are often attempting to approach their foreign guests in order to practice their English and occasionally just out of curiosity.

The guest house includes numerous rooms and was constructed primarily from local materials.
The second-floor patio, where you may have meals, coffee, or a book while overlooking the garden and a little river, is a favorite with visitors. When it’s raining, I personally like to sit there and read a book while sipping hot coffee or green tea.

You can also rent a sleeping bag or tent and go hiking yourself.

While visiting, kindly maintain cleanliness and limit the usage of plastic.

Good for Nature, Good for You.

Заезд: 14:00 Выезд: 12:00
Услуги гостиницы:
8 showers and bathrooms;
40 beds:
Summer and winter kitchen;
Rental of horses and donkeys (paid separately);
Environmental routes with local conductor (paid separately)

Завтрак: 08:00
Количество номеров: 13
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