National House in Asraf Village

National house in the village of Asraf, Farish district, Jikak region.

The National House has been operating to receive tourists since 2009. The family consists of 5 people – parents, three children.

40 families live in the village, mainly of Tajik nationality. The population is mainly engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture.

There is a secondary school for primary classes, the mother of the owner of the national house works as a primary school teacher. After graduation, children go to the village of Uhum and continue to study at the local center.

For a couple of kilometers you can see the huge Nuratinsky reserve. Asraf residents and tourists can walk along the trails on the side of the reserve. Nearby there are 2 rivers: Arsaf and Khushrud, fueled by mountain keys – Azizmurod and Abdulloi Naimon Chashmai. The village of Asraf also has its oldest history. Sogdians who moved from Zarafshan lived here – this proves the images of cave drawings, where the life of the inhabitants is described in detail. They fled here to escape the enemy troops.

The distance to Nurata is 160 km, to Bukhara 340 km, to Samarkand 260 km.

Hotel Services:
5 bathrooms;
5 shower;
Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner;
Horse hire and donkeys for camping.
Number of rooms 12
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