Kyzylkum Desert

Kyzylkum is one of the world’s largest deserts, and  visitors can trek its red sand on foot or on their very own Silk Road camel.
Kyzylkum (from Turkic means «red sand») – is a sandy desert between the rivers of Amudarya and Syrdarya in Central Asia. Its area is 300 000 sq. km. On the north-west the desert is limited by hollow of Aral Sea, on the north-east by Syrdarya and on the south-west is limited by Amudarya. The desert has row of hollows and separated mountains. Mountains of Kyzylkum are unique, there were found rich deposits of gold. The most territory of Kyzylkum is sand massifs. Maximum height of sand mountains is 75 metre.

Climate in the desert is continental. It is hot in summer, average temperature of June is 28 degree, in winter it ranges from 0 to -9 degree. Precipitation is mainly in winter and spring. The most suitable time for travelling is from April to June and September-October. Here at this time you can see local animals: gazelles, black lizards, foxes, jerboas, hares, gophers, eagles, owls etc. Animals of this desert receive water from the food as they adapt to such kind of climate.

In ancient time, Great Silk Road passed through the Kyzylkum desert. Thanks to it, such famous cities as Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva prospered. People of different professions worked here: sellers, interpreters, guarder of caravans, tax collectors. It is very strange but there was hectic life in the desert.
From March to May and September to October, you can trek on foot or by camel from the village of Dungalak, just north of Lake Aydarkul, and camel treks of two days or more include accommodation in the camel hair yurts belonging to local Kazakh nomads. Expect to enjoy the best of local hospitality, from homemade bread dipped in still steaming camel milk to hunks of camel meat. Beds are made up on the floor from piles of rainbow-colored blankets and rugs. You’ll never forget the experience, and certainly won’t get cold at night. You can arrange camel trekking with us or alternatively approach the camel camps directly. )

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