Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable society and sustainable tourism. Every activity we undertake endeavors to have a minimal impact on the environment. encouraging travelers and local communities to care about the surrounding areas they visit or live in. We will always work to manage our resources in a way that satisfies economic and social needs while preserving biological diversity and cultural integrity – therefore preserving the elements that make our destinations so appealing. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our local suppliers to deliver higher sustainability standards and encourage them to adopt more environmentally friendly travel practices.


Marakanda Travel is one of the most experienced companies organizing cycling tours in Uzbekistan and bringing ‘Cycling Tourism’ to the forefront. Thus far, Marakanda Travel has already helped hundreds of travelers explore this beautiful country on bicycles. This Country and Nature have to offer cities like Samarkand and Bukhara, as well as a large, green and beautiful countryside. When you’re on a bicycle, you’re connected to nature and you are able to experience the inherent culture of the place, you discover what we have to offer with a much closer lens while being kind to the environment around you. Not to forget the health benefits that cycling has to offer. As part of this drive, Marakanda Travel educates local families on working with tourists – which in turn also helps them financially which in turn helps drive up local economy. As mindsets change and people become more environmentally and health conscious, cycling is becoming popular in regions like Fergana, Namangan, and Andijan. The government is doing its bit by creating more cycling infrastructure keeping the safety of cyclists in mind. With this in mind, Marakanda Travel hopes to partner with the ‘Travel life for Tour Operators and Travel Agents’ certification in order to provide structure for our journey down the road to sustainability.


Marakanda Travel has a member coordinating its sustainability initiatives who has access to and is accountable to senior management.


We try to reduce the amount of disposable and consumable goods, when this is impossible, we reuse and recycle as much as we can. In our office, our employees are provided with refill bottles so they can stop using single-use bottles, we also have a water dispenser where they can refill it. When reduction is not an option, we recycle using recycling bins that are available to all staff. Batteries, plastic, paper, glass, and compostable waste can all go to separate recycling bins.


In many cases, our tour guides, drivers, and porters need extra equipment in order to complete each excursion safely. We provide helmets for our horse riding and cycling tours. Our tour guides are paid a reasonable living wage and have proper tools and gear. Respect and considerate treatment of staff is at the heart of our philosophy we do not work with suppliers who treat their staff disrespectfully. If we receive feedback from our guests and team that the suppliers’ staff or horses during our horse riding tours are not well treated and respected, we take steps to raise awareness with our partner and, should that fail, remove them from our list.


In Tashkent, we encourage staff to use public transport or bike. We provide bikes to those who have none. Additionally, we aim to train drivers in sustainability driving techniques, such as ensuring that drivers turn off engines when the vehicle is not in use. Creating our itineraries we often make it compulsory to pick rail journeys over air travel. We encourage travelers to use newer planes on their long-haul routes. In the future, we are planning to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle.


Marakanda Travel is committed to establishing respectful, trusting, fair, and mutually beneficial partner relationships, instilling the importance of strong ethical values. We endeavor to only work with partners who are guided by strong ethical values and sustainable principles.

  • We evaluate our partners on community and conservation support, staff treatment, support for local suppliers, etc.;
  • We select partners who treat their staff and support local suppliers and minimize their environmental impact;
  • We maintain partnerships with smaller local companies where possible;
  • We work with local families and local guides;

We’ve added numerous projects in promoting a constructive, healthy, and mutually beneficial interaction between guests and the local community.  These frequently involve going to organic farms and taking nature hikes. To really understand a culture, we believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of those we meet that is why our staff sometimes accompany our guests during out tours We provide as many hands-on experiences as possible, which generate income for the local people who run them, such as a culinary lesson in Samarkand and Nurata mountains.

Click here to download a copy of our Sustainability Policy.

If you have any inquiries regarding our code of conduct surrounding sustainable travel please contact us at: marakandatravel@gmail.com

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