Things to do in Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s natural beauty provides an inspiring backdrop for outdoor adventure, one of the main draws of this remote nation. The Pamirs, often described as ‘the roof of the world’, are a magnet for hikers and mountain climbers, as are the stunning Fan Mountains. At the end of the scale, the hot springs dotted across Tajikistan provide and ideal opportunity for rest and relaxation.


The rugged and untouched beauty of Tajikistan can be the best appreciated when hiking. The Pamir Mountains, particularly Somoni, Lenin and Korjenevskaya (three highest mountains in the Pamir range), are popular with hikers and mountaineers. The town of Murghab, located at the eastern end of the Pamir Highway, is a good base for hikers. Marakanda Travel offer full hiking packages, including transport, home stays, and guided hiking.


The many mountains of Tajikistan are ideal for mountaineering. The Pamir Mountains are popular with climbers, as are the beautiful Fan Mountains, which offer a good variety of ice climbs at different levels of difficulty.

Folk and Arts festivals

Navroz: Celebrated on the 21 st of March. Spelled differently in every language, Navroz is Central Asia’s New Year celebration, on the spring equinox. It is celebrated with holiday dishes such as plov and the labour – intensive sumalak, prepared only by women stirring the pot day and night, chatting, singing and dancing.

Bam-i Dunya: July. Held in Khorog city park, this is a celebration of Pamiri customs as well as an international song and dance festival with artists from all over Cenntral Sia

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