The ultimate Uzbek bucket list

Historical Experiences


The Tashkent Metro – It is the oldest subway system in Central Asia. Its stations are among the most ornate in the world.

The Tashkent TV Tower – Rising 375m above the city, Tashkent’s TV Tower is the tallest structure in central Asia.

Chorsu Bazaar – It is the unique complex of trade halls crowned with interrelated blue domes. The central part of bazaar is the main magnificent domed construction, patterned with oriental ornament, with diameter of nearly 300-350 meters.


Shah-i-Zinda Necropolis – The Avenue of Mausolea is a series of grand palatial tombs.

Ulugh Beg Observatory – Light still pours into the ruins of this ancient Islamic observatory.

Registan Square – The most beautiful square in the world surrounded by three ancient schools – Islamic schools.

Tomb of Daniel – 18 m long sarcophagus of a constantly growing dead prophet.

Gur – Emir Mausoleum -The tomb of the turco – mongol conquer Tamerlane.

Bibi – Khanum Mosque – In the 15th century it was one of the largest and most magnificent mosques in the Islamic world.


Ark Fortress – Massive fortress of bukharian Emirs until its fall to Russia in 1920.

Kalon Minaret – Tower of Death has acted as an observatory, a religious hub, and an executioner’s lair.

“The Bug Pit” at Zindan Prison – Where Stoddart and Connolly suffered in the infamous Bug Pit.

Bolo Haouz Mosque – This Friday Mosque built during the 18th century and has a remarkable verandha of traditional avyan which consists of a decorated ceiling supported by wooden pillars beautifully carved with intricate motifs and flower designs .

Poi Kalon Mosque – The grandiose friday mosque with 208 pillars and 288 domes.

Mir i Arab Madrasa – The only operating 16 century Islamic school in Central Asia.

Ismoil Somoni Mausoleum – The tomb is the oldest structure in Central Asia and housed remains of rulers of the Samanid dynasty.

Chor Minor Madrasa – “Four Towers” Islamic school


Itchan Kala – The inner city is the walled part of the historic city of Khiva, one of the jewels of the ancient Silk Road and the best site of old Khorezm.

Kalta Minor Minaret – It is difficult to imagine ancient Khiva without this monument of oriental architecture. The Minaret of Kalta-Minor has become the real symbol of the city.

Juma Mosque – Almost in the centre of the Ichon-Qala, the large and atmospheric Juma Mosque is interesting for the 218 wooden columns supporting its roof – a concept thought to be derived from ancient Arabian mosques.

Islam Khodja Minaret – The finest and most slender of Khiva’s minarets rises to a height of 45m. The minaret served as a military watchtower, but also as a guide, like a lighthouse in the desert, for caravans crossing the Kyzyl Kum in search of their next stopping place.

Nurullaboy Saroyi – This summer palace was built in 1906 by Muhammad Rakhimkhan II for his son, following a visit to St. Peterborough, the palace was intended to incorporate many of the Russian architectural features that nearly bankrupted the state.

Tash-Khovli Palace – The Tosh Hauli Palace is one of the most fascinating places within the old city where it’s easy to imagine what life was like in the days of the Khans. The palace was commissioned by Allah Kuli Khan as part of an ambitious building project which included a caravanserai, tim and madrassah.

Cultural Experience

Alisher Navoi Theatre and Opera – Catching a piece at the Navoi Opera is a good way to start an evening in Tashkent. The repertoire and production is classic, with a mix of Uzbek and European pieces being performed throughout the year.

Ilkhom Theatre – The theatre “Ilkhom”, one of the first non-governmental professional theaters in the history of the former Soviet Union, was founded in 1976 by ​​its director Mark Weil and a group of graduates of Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute.

Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp – This yurt camp is located at the foot of a hill by Ayaz Kala Fortress (4-2nd centuries BC). Location: Ayaz kala fortress.

Nurata Mountains Villages – Spend time in the Nurata mountains villages, taking part in a variety of activities to get to know the area and local life. Location: Nurata mountains, Navoi region.

Aydarkul Yurt Camp – Ride on the camel or drive by car to explore countries largest man-made Lake Aydarkul located 8 km to the south-east from the Yurt camp. You will also enjoy the evening around the camp fire listening to the traditional songs of local bard.

Sovitsky Museum – This museum in a bleak outpost has one of the world’s greatest collections of avant-garde art, rescued from Stalin’s clutches by an electrician. Location: Nukus.

Termez Archeological Museum – It features a diverse and unique collection of artifacts linked to Greco – Bactrian and Kushan periods, the museum has no rivals among its kinds in either Uzbekistan or other Central Asian countries. Location: Termez.

Railway Museum – The only such museum in Central Asia featuring that hosts 13 steam engines, 18 diesel and 3 electric locomotives that were used across Uzbekistan in different periods. Location: Tashkent.

Museum of Applied Arts – The museum contains over 4,000 exhibits on decorative art in Uzbekistan, including wood carving, ceramics, embossing, jewelry, gold weaving, embroidery, and samples of mass production in local industry. Location: Tashkent.

Outdoor Experience

Amirsoy Mountain Resort – Amirsoy is a mountain resort in Uzbekistan, which aims to become a world-class ski resort that meets the standards of comfort, quality and safety.

Horse Riding in Nurata and Chimgan – Beautiful landscapes in the mountains, meeting with local population living in remote villages and riding the vigorous Buzkashi horses can be quite wonderful experience.

The Big Chimgan Mountain – Greater Chimgan area features a large number of mountaineering and trekking routes to satisfy any taste and skill level.

Aral Sea – The shallow Aral Sea was once the world’s fourth largest body of inland water. The remnants of it nestle in the climatically inhospitable heart of Central Asia, to the east of the Caspian Sea.

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