Kamol home-made Uzbek Wine

Wine making is a popular activity in Uzbekistan, and our founder Mr. Kamol grew up learning the art from his father and grandfather. He now uses their traditional methods, combined with modern techniques, to create unique and high-quality wines.

After the grapes are sourced from local farmers in Parkent region, they are carefully sorted and destemmed before being crushed. Kamol uses natural yeasts to start the fermentation process. The wine is left to age for several months, during which time Mr. Kamol frequently checks humidity of the storage area to ensure optimal conditions for the wine.

Once the wine has reached its desired flavor and aroma profile, it is bottled and labeled by hand. Mr. Kamol takes great pride in his craft and believes that the love and care put into the winemaking process is what sets his wines apart.

Our guests can enjoy a tasting of his wines and learn more about the history and techniques behind Uzbek wine making. Our company also offers tours of the vineyards and production facility, giving visitors a firsthand look at the entire process from grape to bottle.

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