Asia Chimgan Hotel

The Asia Chimgan Hotel is located near the cable car.

All rooms have colour TVs with satellite programs. The rooms have 24-hour service, cold and hot water, centralized heating.

There is also a bar, laundry, storage, secure parking, ticket booking, sauna, billiards, restaurant, playground for children.

Заезд: 12:00 Выезд: 12:00
Early check-in until 12:00 - 100% of the cost. Late check-out from 12: 00-18: 00 - 50% of the cost, after 18:00 - 100% of the cost.
Услуги гостиницы:
Bar Laundry Supervised parking Booking of tickets Sauna, Billiards Restaurant with 60 seats Playground for children.
Количество номеров: 21
Количество этажей: 3
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1 hour 40 min

Ж/д вокзал

1 hour 50 min

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