Yurt camp „Safari,“ Aidarkul, Nurata

Safari yurt camp is located 60 km from Nurata, the nearest town, at the border of sandy Kyzyl Kum Desert and Lake Aydarkul. The camp has 20 traditional nomad yurts. The place is very remote, in the middle of nowhere, and some tourists belive that the location leaves much to be desired. There’s not much to see out here except nondescript desert and a reservoir. In the immediate vicinity of the yurtcamp is nothing else to see, small bushes on all sides. But the place is good for camel rides. Safari camp is located pretty far from Aydarkul lake, so to get there one would need a car or a camel.

Tents are equipped with good mattresses and clean sheets with blankets. Some tents accommodate 2 people, some can accommodate more guests. Toilets, sinks and showers are in a separate building and are very modest. The dinner and breakfast is served in a separate nicely decorated brick building. Meals are quite good considering the location and facilities.


The price includes: Accommodation in yurt for 4-5 people; 3 -2-time power supply; Camel riding; Folklore performance (akyn songs at the bonfire).
Услуги гостиницы:
Picnic lunch on Lake Aydarkul (the main dish is freshly fried fried fish). Guests are provided with canopy, table, chairs. Three meals a day. Camel riding (10 camels live in the camp). Folklore performance: in the evening after dinner, a fire is lit around which tourists sit down and listen to the akyn (local singer) playing the dombra and singing national songs.
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