Tashkent Region

Tashkent Region

Amirsoy Ski Resort

Amirsoy is a mountain resort in Uzbekistan, which aims to become a world-class ski resort that meets the standards of quality, comfort and safety.

The resort is located only 65 km from Tashkent and covers an area of 900 hectares with one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of the region, on the spurs of the Chatkal ridge in the western part of the Tien Shan Mountains.

Amirsoy Ski Resort Facilities

  • 12 slopes with total length of more than 15 km;
  • 7 gondolas, chair and conveyor types;
  • riding in a tubing;
  • sledding ;
  • paragliding;
  • alpine-style chalet;
  • dome-type restaurants;
  • equipment rental;
  • parking;

How to get there

The mountain resort is located in the Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region on the northern slopes of Maygashkan Mountain.

By Car

Drive in the direction Tashkent – Gazalkent, then turn on Galvasay, in the direction of Chimgan and Beldersay to see the sign « Amirsoy Resort ».

By Train

Travelling by train in Uzbekistan is probably the easiest and most comfortable way to travel berween popular cities such as Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Fergana Valley etc.

You can also book a transfer with us !

Beldersoy Ski Resort

Beldersoy Ski Resort is located about 5 km from Chimgan, on the slopes of the Kumbel Mountain (2200 m), on the height of 1600 m. The ski resort is famous for its longest skiing track in Uzbekistan with a cableway with more than 3 km length.

Berldersoy Ski Resort Facilities

  • 1 slope with total length of more than 3 km length;
  • 1 chair cable way;
  • riding in a tubing;
  • sledding;
  • paragliding;
  • hotel;
  • restaurant;
  • equipment rental;
  • parking;
  • horse riding;

Big Chimgan

The Big Chimgan Mountain (3309 m) not being the highest mountain peak in Uzbekistan, it is one of the most popular holiday destination, due to its location. The area features a large number pf trekking routes to satisfy any taste and skill level.

Pulatkhan Plateau

The legendary Pulatkhan Plateau is a popular trekking destination for those who enjoy long and interesting routes. The plateau is about 3 km2 and has a magnificent view over neighboring gorges and mountains with 3000 m height.


Parkent is the magor city in Parkent district. The district is home to the world’s second largest Astrophysical Solar Furnaces with 62 staggered heliostats (high temperature heaters). Parkent district is also famous for its vineyards and wineries.

Located 35 km from Tashkent. 30 mins by car.


Zarkent is located south of Parkent, aslo known as uzbek « Champagne » which is popular destination for those who want to degustate uzbek wine. Indeed, that is where you will find yourself, in a village where in 1915 French Winemakers fell for the fine quality of local grapes, remarking how closely these resembled the grapes from the French Champagne region. Rows upon rows of trellised wines yield about 180 tons of grapes each year. From the time a seedling is planted to harvesting its fruits takes 4 years. Farmers are solely reliant on rain for irrigation. The hills behind Krasnagorsk are a favorite of « nomadic » honey producers throughout the summer. Their movable bee-hives are parked along the road in flower filled fields, the air, otherwise without a sound, is buzzing as you approach. Often, 1L glass jars with fresh honey are sold right off the wagon.

A wine excursion can be organized to the “Hamkor” winery is located in Namdanak Settlement, Parkent District, at 800 meters above sea level, about one-hour’s drive from Tashkent. Here, one of the best chateaus in Uzbekistan operates since 1992. The farm vineyard occupy about 250 ha of land. Not only grapes are cultivated and made into wine here, but also a product bottling line is run. As the organizers of the excursion told, a visit to “Hamkor” vineyards and winery will be supplemented with horse-rides to the nearby beautiful site and photo sessions in national costumes as well as lunch will be organized with tasting the best wines of the region.

Urungach Jade lakes

Urungach lake is by far one of the prettiest lakes in Uzbekistan with turquoise-colored water caused by runoff of glacier into Jade lake. It is located in Ugam – Chatkal National Park 150 km from the capital.


Sukok is distinguished by an extraordinary landscape and its coniferous forest where a traveler can imagine himself somewhere in the middle zone of Russia. A branchy pine forest will give you coolness and coniferous air, which is so lacking in the city strip. If you enjoy climbing you can climb Mount Shakhkurgan from which will open a beautiful panorama of the nearby ridges and the villages of Zarkent and Sukok. After conquering the peaks and descending, you can drop into the local teahouse and taste local dishes.

Mount Kumbel

The mountains of Uzbekistan are one of the main attractions of the region. There are more and more people from around the world willing to climb its peaks. Its height is 2350 meters. Part of it can be taken by chair-lift then you will need to walk another 40 minutes to the very top. There is a meteorological station on the mountain. It’s interesting to get there to watch the sunset. The mountain is 75 km from the capital.

Aksakata gorge

Aksakata is a wide gorge stretching more than 30 km deep. There are steep cliffs, shady forests and birch groves. Perfect place for those who want to quit everyday life in the city and plunge into this picturesque world for both lovers of relaxing vacation and active leisure. It is located 120 km from the capital.

Beldersay glades

Imagine: fragrant grass, warmed by the rays of the summer sun and saturated with the freshness of the mountain air. What could be better for a family vacation. Being near the Beldersay river this place is perfect for camping and glamping spot. Get lost in the juniper forests and enjoy the murmur of water – such a rest will surely give you much needed energy for coming back to work.






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