Cycling Holidays in Uzbekistan 15 days 14 nights

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Route: Urgench – Khiva – Shavat – Toprak Kala – Ayaz Kala – Bukhara – Urtakurgan – Sarmish – Nurata – Aydarkul – Uhum – Navkat – Mitan – Samarkand – Tashkent

Route length: 1450 km, about 360 km of which is bicycle route.


Transport: minibus and bicycle.

Best time for the tour: from middle of April to end of October. Best time – May, June, September, October.

Minimum number of participants: 2.

About the tour:

This bike tour includes not only active city walks, visits to the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road, but also trips to remote rural places of Uzbekistan, where you can communicate with locals, learn their culture and way of life.

One of the most exciting activities is cycling. Cycling has many advantages over other types of travel. Bicycle does not need fuel, it is a light and mobile kind of transport which can go almost anywhere, and in difficult situations it can simply be carried by hands.

If necessary, part of the journey can be done by car, train or bus. Cycling is much more pleasant than walking. To get to a certain place, you will spend less effort, it is not tiring. Even overcoming difficult places, instead of irritation you can get a joy of achievement and drive.

It is a pure enjoyment to ride a modern bicycle! It weighs almost nothing, quickly gains speed and easily slows down. If you choose all-weather clothes correctly, then the journey will be even more pleasant.

Technical sheet / Additional information

Level 2

50-70 km of cycling per day. No particular technical difficulties except the altitude difference if you are in VTC. Most of the time you will ride a bike on the roads, bike paths, shared lanes and some secondary roads.


Your luggage will be transported by bus. You will receive your luggage at the hotel. You can take a small bag or backpack during the bike tour.


A travel program will be sent to you with detailed maps, with information on milestones and accommodations, as well as vouchers.

The itineraries offered on our website are suggestions that can be modified or extended. For those, who do not hesitate to contact us: We will adapt to your desires and offer you a program to your measure!

Respect of the itinerary and the content of the program

The programs offered on the website are feasible. The itineraries and activities are likely to be modified, whether before your departure or during your trip, because of imperatives beyond our control: aerial rotations, air delays, schedules and train delays, state of the roads, days of market, museum closing days, weather conditions, geopolitical incidents … etc. Our priority is to ensure your safety. However, we will do our utmost to ensure that your program is respected to the fullest!


All public. Millennial heritage and culture, typical villages, the Silk Road, desert caravans, adventure. Hospitality. Mountains, steppes, UNESCO World Heritage label, exceptional landscapes, architecture and Silk Road. Ancient civilizations, archeology, religious art. Hiking, crafts, camel ride.

Budget on site

The exchange in Sum (local currency) is done on the spot. It is advisable to bring US dollars and euros in small bills, new notes (in good condition, without tearing and without writing). Credit cards are very useless. It is advisable to change your dollars in banks or exchange offices.


By bus. Carrying luggage and bicycles by vehicle.


Meals cooked in guest house or in a local restaurants. The cuisine of Central Asia is generally healthy, quite varied and you will often have the opportunity to enjoy healthy traditional meals. Be aware that mutton is an important part of the local gastronomy and is often prepared in the form of small skewers (shashliks), kebabs and ravioli. We find some flavors of the Middle East and even the Mediterranean and the influences are Chinese, Russian, Persian, Oriental, etc.


Mineral water for bike days included (3 L per person per day) is provided. For other days, you will easily find bottled mineral water in the shops and restaurants in the cities.

To conduct these bike tours, our company has purchased and can provide convenient, modern, highway – hybrid bikes of the GIANT brand, which allows participants to easily move on the mountain slopes and steppes. In addition, we will provide comfortable transport for technical support escort. It is important to note that preparatory work was carried out on these tours, everything was fine-tuned to small details and routes were chosen that run through the most picturesque places rich in historical and natural monuments.


Everyone who has solid cycling skills can participate in the bike tour.

Each participant in the cycle tour must be familiar with the rules of the road and comply with their requirements.

To move in one row as close as possible to the right edge of the roadway;

Observe the interval between cycling riders of at least 2-3 meters (at descents – 10-20 meters);

Not to move forward of the guide and not to leave without the warning of the leader;

Bike tours are not advised for people with circulatory insufficiency, a person can’t go to a bike tour if he drank too much alcohol the day before.

When going on tour, carefully check the condition of your bike, paying attention primarily to the attachment of wheels, steering and brakes. A bicycle of any type must have both brakes. The bicycle shall be equipped with a pump with a hose, a set of tools and a spare chamber. Your bike should have a trunk and several rubber bands from the shoulder expander to secure your backpack or bag. In the dark, reflectors, a rear red and a front white lamp are mandatory.

In all hikes, a “common table” is arranged at the halt, tea is prepared at the stake, and sometimes another hot dish. Campers take with them the necessary stock of products at their discretion. Tourists are advised to have a flask with water (tea, juice, etc.), as well as a mug, spoon, bowl, knife. All group equipment necessary for cooking is taken by the leaders of the campaigns.

Your clothes should be comfortable, and in cool and windy weather should be windproof. It is advisable to ride in a bicycle helmet. Cyclists in cold weather need to have a ski hat, spare wool socks and gloves. In case of rain, you should have a waterproof jacket or coat.

For the bike

  • Short or long shorts depending on the season
  • Cycling gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses (against sun, air, midges)
  • Windbreaker
  • T-shirts or cycling jerseys

Against the sun and the rain

  • Cream and sunglasses
  • Hat, cap (helmet)
  • A rain cape

Please note that in many tours, bike rent does not include helmet and other extra gear.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book the tour:

Telegram: +99897 7401174


Price includes:

  • Accommodation in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in twin rooms at 2 -3 * hotels.
  • Accommodation in guest houses and tent camps (breakfast included) during the bike route.
  • Meals: full board during active part of the programme.
  • Transportation for the whole period of the tour on comfortable air-conditioned minivan equipped for the bike tours.
  • Equipment rental (tents, kitchen, gas, tables, dishes, etc.).
  • Preparation of meals by cook.
  • Mineral water (2 liters per person).
  • Accompanyin g– cycling specialist from the company.
  • Rental of GIANT bicycle, dimensions: S, M, L, XL.
  • Spare parts for bicycles (pedals, cameras…).
  • Tents, sleeping bags for camping.
  • First aid kit.
  • Professional English-speaking local guide (specify language of your choice).
  • Lunch at a national house in Samarkand on Day 13.

Price does not include:

  • Entrance tickets to the museums and sights.
  • Meals in the cities, except lunch in Samarkand on Day 13.
  • Insurance.
  • Personal expenses and tips.


  • Number of participants – from 2 to 15 people.
  • For a group of more than 14 people 1 person (tour leader) will be offered free accommodation in a twin room, food, transport and entrance tickets.
  • The program may be changed according to your preferences.
  • The cost of the tour will vary depending on the number of guests and the selected transport (car, minibus, bus).
  • The cost of the tour can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or other means agreed upon in advance when ordering the tour.

Cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation prior 30 days – no charges apply
  • Cancellation prior 15 days – 50% charge of the tour price
  • Cancellation prior 7 days – 100% charge of the tour price
Marta Spain
Cycling Holidays in Uzbekistan 15 days 14 nights

“We are group of 7 who travelled to Uzbekistant on August 2019. Every summer we choose a country looking for both culture and adventure. In Uzbekistan we visited Khiva and Bukhara and finally Samarkand, mervellous cities full of history. Talking about adventure we were lucky to find Makaranda Travel Agency and our guide Beka who organized a bike tour from Bukhara to Samarkand. We cycled through the desert, slept in yurtas, have a bath in Aydarkul lake, share life in a private house in Mitan I enjoy the mountains. It was a wonderful experience!!! We are grateful to the guide for his kindness, professionality and attention to every detail. A part from that the equipment, bicycles, technical attention and supplies were excellent!!”
Date of experience: August 2019

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